International Administrative Law

We advise on international administrative law maters and frequently advise international civil servants working for international organisations such as the World Bank Group, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the EBRD and other multilateral development banks on employment and related issues. Such organisations are frequently immune from the local courts’ jurisdiction and disputes are resolved utilising the particular organisation’s bespoke dispute resolution procedures applying the internal law of the international organisation in question. We have represented numerous international civil servants and international organisations. We also have experience of mediating such disputes and have successfully resolved many disputes in this manner without having the need to resort to more formal dispute resolution procedures.

We are one of the few firms in the world that has expertise in filing complaints on behalf of clients with the various inspection mechanisms that have been established by the multilateral development banks. We have filed several complaints with the World Bank’s Inspection Panel, the EBRD’s Project Complaint Mechanism, the precursor to the Asian Development Bank’s Inspection Panel and with other inspection mechanisms of various international organisations.